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About Us

  1. Standard Weeds Online is a licensed medicinal and adult-use retail cannabis dispensary committed to providing cannabis education and safe access to the finest cannabis products available as part of its mission to run a legally and socially responsible business.

Having been part of the forward-looking City of California for almost a decade, we see our customers as our neighbors and serve them with integrity, respect, and the utmost care.

Locally owned and operated, Standard Weeds Online is a Go Local business member. We are active in our community and support it as volunteers and through donations. Our executive director also serves on several boards and advisory committees.

As a passionate distributor of weeds products, we operate in strict compliance with all local and state laws and are licensed by California’s Bureau of Cannabis Control for Retail Sales and Distribution.

Standard Weeds Online is truly dedicated to providing exceptional service and products and operating safely and securely with minimal neighborhood impact.


Granted their approval on Tuesday, December 12, Standard Weeds Online of California is among the best weeds suppliers to be granted approval for Adult Use Sales by a local City Council. As a result, Standard Weeds Online will begin selling cannabis to all adults over 21 years of age, with no medical recommendation required, beginning on January 1, 2018.

Given the challenges of rolling out adult-use regulations across the state, many feel the City of California is moving in the right direction by embracing the legal market and developing other licensing types for the entire supply chain. We have worked hard to establish positive relationships with our surrounding neighbors, the City of California and the California Police Department. A force for change in the cannabis industry, Standard Weeds Online has pioneered new manufacturing technologies, sponsored the Elevated Compliance Conference, and demonstrated the merits of supporting compliant, community-minded cannabis businesses.

Standard Weeds Online is a contributor to nonprofit groups that are working to alleviate housing insecurity and homelessness; to create healthier, pesticide-free public spaces; and to support water-conservation efforts. Standard Weeds Online has also provided free medicine to fire victims who need assistance. We welcome medical and adult use cannabis consumers and patients to our dispensary.

Standard Weeds Online is Conveniently located at 8219 Crockett Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90001.