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Super lemon haze

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Buy super lemon haze Australia

Buy super lemon haze Australia. Super Lemon Haze is a Sativa-dominant hybrid that resulted from crossing a Lemon Skunk with Green House Seed Company’s Super Silver Haze.

The winner of several awards — including 1st Place at the 2008 and 2009 High Times Cannabis Cups — Super Lemon Haze grows tall with long, dense branches of buds that turn white with crystal-like resin — especially in a highly controlled indoor environment.

The Amsterdam seed bank recommends hydroponic grow systems and Low-Stress Training (LST) to reach optimal yields.

For outdoor growing, Green House recommends extra support for the plant’s height and reports a mid-October harvest in the Northern Hemisphere, and mid-April in the Southern Hemisphere.

The seed bank reports a 77-day flowering period for the strain but recommends an extra week of growth to achieve the fullness of its signature lemon aroma. Super Lemon Haze was tested by Green House at 19.33% THC, 0.31% CBD and 1.15% CBN. The seed company reports the high CBN count was inherited from the strain’s Super Silver Haze parent. The strain’s results are fast-acting and long-lasting, according to the seed company, with an even balance of physical and cerebral effects. In addition to the original Super Lemon Haze, Green House also developed auto-flowering Super Lemon Haze seeds by hybridizing the plant with a Ruderalis strain, as well as a high-CBD version by breeding it with a high-CBD male.

buy super lemon haze Australia

Super Lemon Haze Effects + Benefits

This strain is the Ferrari of cannabis in more than one way. For starters, as previously mentioned, it’s a gorgeous looking strain. Secondly, it pulls off the line and hits 60mph in 1 seconds flat.

So get ready, buckle up and enjoy the ride.

From the jump, SLH sweeps you off your feet and takes the edge off. Seconds after smoking, mental awareness and energy take-off, sending you on a direct path to the stratosphere.

SLH produces a refreshing shot of creativity and imagery. It gets you up on your feet, dancing, laughing and enjoying the moment. Most people note the strain excels in social situations, freeing you from anxiety.

SLH is a sativa dominant hybrid with lots of mental activity, but it’s far from bashful physically. The strain features a powerful body-stone that doesn’t leave one stuck to the couch.BuyGranddaddy Purple

Since Super Lemon Haze is a potent strain that doesn’t inebriate, many medical patients flock to it. Those with social anxiety, depression and stress find high resolves in SLH.

Those looking to combat fatigue, lethargy and brain fog are recommended to give it a try.BuyDonkey Butter

If you want a tasty, award-winning top-shelf strain in your stash that doesn’t break the bank, it’s Super Lemon Haze.

Up To 23-25% THC

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